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How To Book Your Classes

Let’s Get Started.

Select Option 1 If this is your first time booking a class on the site and have not got an account already set up.

Select Option 2 If you have previously booked a class and therefore already have an account set up but you wish to amend your subscription or change your class selection for the coming week.

For returning clients you must be logged in before amending your class choices or subscription.


You will be directed to the class booking screen where you will select the class options you wish to book. Please note all classes Pilates, Trampoline, Barbells and a weekly ‘Pick&Mix’ Combo are all available to book.

Click the button above to be taken to class bookings.


You already have an account so you will be directed to manage your account.

To change your class bookings: Click on ‘Subscriptions’ and then select ‘Change Plan’ and select your new class bookings from the options available. Follow the directions to complete the booking and amend your subscription.

You do not need to do anything if you are doing the same classes next week as you have for this week.

Click the button above to be taken to your account.

To access your account you must be logged in before proceeding: https://reboundfitness.ie/login/